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Meet your one stop grinding solution

Whether you need tools, customized parts, or fixtures, our CNC milling process is going to deliver. You give us your specifications, and our guys will get them in the computer.

 •  Grinding

 •  Machining

 •  Small, individual parts and shapes

 •  Large, heavy duty parts and shapes

 •  Jigs and fixtures

 •  Tools

 •  Licensed and fully insured

Offering full-service CNC milling:

You bet our team has seen it all and handled it all with expertise and ease. Our experience is just what you need.


Since 1976, the professionals at JD Kauffman Machine Shop Inc. have been providing you with superior quality machining service including welding and turning.

Our experience matters

Get small or large parts with CNC milling


You have the right to expect the best whenever you choose the best, and this time that's us. Our premium results will surely exceed your needs.

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